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Welcome to the Family!

-Chinstap, Cleo, Dog, Honu, & Steph

  • Chinstrap

    This is my little Ewok-looking mut. He's got quite the personality. Thinks he's the big man, weighing in around 15 lbs.

  • Cleo

    Cleo is what I like to refer to as a deer chihuahua. She can be a bit intense with her demand for pets, but she's also very sensitive.

  • Dog

    Doggie Dog, yes that's her name, is the sweetest little Toto looking pup I've ever met. She's been with me for 18.5 years. She loves giving sweet hugs.

  • Honu

    Honu is Hawaiian for turtle. She's a lot bigger now at nearly 4 years old. She loves watching YouTube videos of sea turtles, and watching the 4 goldfish she kept as pets.