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Hi my name is Stephanie. I have always had a love for animals. I currently have 3 Chihuahua/Scottish Terrier mixes, 1 Red-eared Slider, and 4 Goldfish.

My oldest pup is named Dog, 18.5, who has been with me since I was 19. She is my baby! Loves to cuddle and eat. She looks like a Toto.

Next is Chinstrap, 13, who is always stealing the show. He's a celebrity at the vet's office, and can be really sweet when he wants to be. He is very stubborn though. He looks like an Ewok.

Then there's Cleo, 13, who can be very intense with her demands of attention. I have to keep a closer eye on her because she loves to try to steal Dog's food. I call her my little deer chihuahua.

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This is my little Ewok-looking mut. He's got quite the personality. Thinks he's the big man, weighing in around 15 lbs.


Cleo is what I like to refer to as a deer chihuahua. She can be a bit intense with her demand for pets, but she's also very sensitive.


Doggie Dog, yes that's her name, is the sweetest little Toto looking pup I've ever met. She's been with me for 18.5 years. She loves giving sweet hugs.


Honu is Hawaiian for turtle. She's a lot bigger now at nearly 4 years old. She loves watching YouTube videos of sea turtles, and watching the 4 goldfish she kept as pets.

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